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What would you do you do if you found yourself around 27 years old, a beginning of a solid career in a big company and a… fiancé moving to another city (that one you don’t like much) and your marriage date set in the middle of this? Well, welcome to my world ladies and gentlemen.

This was the scenario I was/am passing through since the beginning of the sensational year of 2011. I must admit I had a few options: staying at my current job didn’t seem to be the best decision just after you get married, so moving to a new city would have to be an option to be considered.I have now decided that I’d use this change to try to find a more suitable job to my career aspirations and that would mean working in the fashion business.

I have always been very connected, inspired, influenced to everything about fashion and beauty. I’d a shopaholic, blog-reader and I must spend 50% of my spare time looking out for fashion inspirations. Although it may seem a little girlie to most of people, I can guarantee I take it very seriously and all the numbers in the fashion business worldwide are supportive to me. The fashion/beauty industry’s revenues are superior to US$ 400 Billion a year (according to startingaclothingline.com). My goal is to have… 0.0001% of this for me (that would be US$ 4 Million, think faster!). No, my dream is to work with something I truly love and that truly influences my life and my personality.

I am writing this blog to share this experience, the achievements, the disasters, the emotion and the affliction of starting a new career, trying something new and discovering this new world. For the moment I won’t be sharing my personal data, maybe in the future, who knows.