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Well, after a few days evaluating my options I have decided that if Iwill start something new in my career, I should do this the right way. I have always dreamed of working in the fashion business, I spend more time blogging than reading about economy and my fiancé always complains about how intensely I enjoy going out to check for new tendencies, hidden-gems or just talk a walk by some (a lot of) stores BUT (a big but) I don’t know how does this business works. In fact, I wouldn’t know how should this business work. I have no working experience in the area and I don’t think I would be completely confident if I decided to do this by myself SO (a big so) I decided to have some working experience in the fashion business before getting things started or just until I have that excellent idea that will change everything for good.

CROSS YOUR FINGERS, EVERYONE (hey, I know no one reads my blog SO FAR!!!)

In the next few weeks I will look for an internship, consultancy or I don’t what else I could do, but I will look for some experience and I truly truly hope I can DO this RIGHT.

To be continued,