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Good morning to everyone! I have the most exciting news: when I was traveling last week, I met a girl in the flight and she started talking to me and then she told me she was the owner of a fashion brand! No kidding!

We had great discussions about last season’s tendencies and she told me a lot of things about how hard it is to work in the fashion business.

After a while, she asked me if I knew anyone I recommend for a season job with her. Well, I did not offer myself in the first place because I wasn’t sure at the moment about making this step or how serious she was when asking that, but I got her mail and phone and I will think about calling her for sure.

Should I jump in a decision like this or maybe I should wait and make a structured decision and see more options? It’s been just a couple of days since I decided to make this move, maybe it’s too soon to accept (okay, it’s not even guaranteed) a position or it’s a huge opportunity and I’m just freaking out with it?

OMG! I’ll try to catch up here ASAP.