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There might be quite  a few things you must have to succeed in the fashion business. It’s like this in every single business in the world. During my decision period (if you didn’t understand, please consider taking a look at the earlier topics), I have been listing some things that must be a must (eh!) to anyone who wants to shine in this business and I had some great advices as well.

People told me a lot of things about the market, how it works, how it doesn’t work but in general I could apply 99% of the advices for any professional situation. In the other hand, I noticed that most of them insisted of telling me about four competences that should be crucial in the beginning, so I’m calling them “Crucial Competences with C”… and …….. there we go:

1) Communication: it’s all about communicating, to get to know people, make yourself understandable, present well your ideas BUT (an other big but) people usually tend to forget that communicating is about sending and receiving, uploading and downloading, talking and…. yes! listening! All the people I’ve met so far tend to be great speakers, almost a Barack Obama in the good days but people just don’t care about listening, getting the details, understanding different perspectives. In such a intangible business, listening is very important to get different concepts.

2) Creativity: this must be a common-sense but it never gets old. You can’t just repeat, copy or follow the trends and the brands, you must create your own brand mixing your own personality to a handful of mixed influences and create yourself to the business. If you were able to copy someone, we’d have tons of Chanels and Lagerfelds walking around us. Just do NOT do it. Copying is useless, so study, study and study. Read, read and read. Buy tons of magazines (yes, why not?), watch the TV shows, read books, try to get something from a different ART and try to explore for the fashion business… be inventive and original!

3) Credibility: it’s more of making the very own brand of you. To be credible, you should be reliable, trustworthy and a little predictable in the beginning. If you sound good, people will trust you. A common situation in markets based on creativity, arts is that people believe they don’t have to be 100% professional, that it’s all about being cool or smart. Wrong! In a market that not everyone is correct, it’s a big initial credit to maintain your starting reputation.

4) Confidence: do you remember when Becky Bloom met that Swedish (or was it Finnish?) guy in the conference and she didn’t know what to do? You’ll find yourself several times in such situations, so believe you feelings, your girl instincts (okay, if you are a guy, any instincts) and move forward. It’s never good to work with someone without attitude, self-confidence.

I hope you all like it and I will try to always check if I’m following my own advices.