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It’s now decided. I’ve taken the decision to approach for that job opportunity I mentioned two posts ago and (hopefully ) get the opportunity to work as an intern to a fashion company.

For the ones who are not familiar with the story, I was forced to move (LOL) to another city to follow my fiancé, future husband, father of my children (and currently my personal “messy-maker”) and I decided to change from a good career in a services company to a career that would change my world, turn me around and make me truly happy (okay, this phrase was kinda naive, sorry girls!).

Only a week later, as if it was magic, I met someone in a trip and she is the owner of a cool fashion company (small, but still pretty cool) and she asked me if I knew anyone for a season job in her marketing functions. I froze and I am sorry 🙂 but I got her contacts and now… a few days later, I’m thinking of approaching her with a cover letter, as a professional should do instead of an informal e-mail and ask her for the position. My fiancé still doesn’t know about it and he should be a little unhappy if I take this job and spend 3 months in different countries (did I mention this before? It’s far from my city, girls. By far, I mean FAR).

Okay, back to the subject of the post: how to write an effective Cover Letter. I have read several websites with standards of Cover Letters for any occasion. I must say I believe most of them are crap (ooops). I saw myself in the other position, receiving a Cover Letter taken from a job website (believe me, you’ll know it’s not from the person) and I didn’t see me hiring a person who does not sell herself, who doesn’t present herself properly SO instead of creating a model for whoever reads this post, I decided to make a small list of advices for anyone who wants to write a correct but not standardized Cover Letter:

1) NEVER USE CLICHÉS. Don’t copy that good phrase in the summary of your boyfriend’s CV, don’t  use prepared phrases or anything like this. You are talking about YOURSELF, where are your Confidence and Communication skills? Be original and you’d be heard.

2) MAKE AN IMPRESSIVE START. It’s all about first impressions, don’t use that boring first paragraph like: “Please accept my CV to the X position, I have worked at Y and Z companies”. You must remember you are talking to an expert in HR or a manager of a company. They’ll read this paragraph tons of times when recruiting for your position. Take some risks and tell them something new to get their attention. I read once that people who have a personal recommendation have 80 times more chances to be hired to a position, so if you are in the middle of the crowd, you must do something different.

3) BE DIRECT, SAVE TIME. Again, if you are reading 100 CVs a day, you will be very sensitive to bulls*t (oops again). Go straight to the point you believe that could IT.

4) BE RECOMMENDED. If you know someone in common, mention it. Only if it’s your ex boyfriend or that boss you hate. Read topic 2 again (you’d have 80x more chances to be hired). If you don’t have anyone who can “sell” you, then critically evaluate your professional contacts. Do you have professional network accounts? Are they updated? Do you keep in touch with your old “buddies”? Should you make some classes to have a larger network? Just think about it.

Well, I don’t know if it’s be best advice, but these are my personal beliefs, would you have more to advise in such a situation? For an example, I will give you a “taste” of my Cover Letter so you can have an example (not to copy, huh?)

Dear Xxxxxxxx,

Here it’s Yyyyyyy who showed you that great Fashion App during the Zzzzz trip last week. I was thinking about someone who I could suggest you for your position in the last days and I truly believe that this could be me. To help you to analyze if I’d be suitable, I could say, in my favor: 

1) Although I don’t have working experience in the fashion business, I do have a lot of shopping hours and reading about fashion, design, clothing and on top of that I have already visited all your main competitor stores in the last few weeks, so this could be a benefit while I adapt in the market.

2) I have several years of marketing and sales experience in other markets. I thought of many experiences I believe that might work in a fashion business and I’d love to discuss this with you.

3) As I told you, I’m moving from my city and I decided to make a career move, like you did a few years ago. I believe I’d the the most motivated employee in the world if I had this opportunity.

If you feel this might work, please contact me so we can share more of expectations and other aspects.

All the best,


Soooooooo? Would you hire me? 🙂 I’m a bit nervous, but I got a good feeling about the conversation we had and that’s a true advantage. Hopefully, I will come back soon with the best news.