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In some of the other posts, I was writing about getting cultural if you want to get a career or just more information about the fashion business. You can do this in different ways, buying books, attending specific courses or, in a simple way, getting inspirations from the web and getting some Apps for your devices as well. As a massive user of Mac products (not the cosmetics – which I love – in this case), I have an iPhone and an iPad, so I picked up five cool apps so you girls can get started on having cool information:

1) Net-A-Porter Weekly: many news, great looks and some free interaction.






2) Stella McCartney: I just love SMcC, so maybe I’m being a lil. emotional, but I love the great looks and the appearance of the app.






3) Elle Magazine: A magazine-like app with free content and pay-to-read the latest magazines.






4) Style: Good articles and intense updates.






5) Collection (NYTimes): Great app, one of my favorites, it has been rewarded as the best fashion app for many people.