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Hello world! Today it’s sunday and sundays are usually a day to rest, don’t think about working and on top of that staying away from stress. Well, I wanted to come here just to say that my sunday won’t be anything like this calm imaginary day.

Today I got the response from my so-called Cover Letter, a more formal email I sent a few days ago to the CEO of a small brand of clothing (let’s call it fashion business) offering myself to a season  position at her company. In just a paragraph, this is pretty much what she said:

Dear Xxxxx,

I’m so glad to hear from you and I’m very happy you’d be available to do this work. I must say it’s not all about glamour and there’s plenty of hard work, maybe for more than twelve hours a day and many events coming but if you’d be really interested on such a position, please let me know so we can discuss more details.



Well, you MUST imagine how excited but nervous I am right now. This is the chance I always wanted to change my career, but in the same way I’ll have to be away from my city and my country for more than three months and I was just moving to a new city to follow my fiancé. Some advice would be helpful right now. OMG, What do I do?!?! This is like a present I don’t know if I should open it!