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Today I got the details of my job offer for the seasonal position.

I must admit that it’s all I wanted, all I wrote here a few days ago but I’m feeling nervous about it. The fact is that I wouldn’t be getting any money (or, I must say: my expenses would just be covered by my revenues, not more than this) and I’d be going away from my country, away from home for this period.

I have lived abroad before twice, so that’s not the problem. The issue is that it is hard to conceal your personal beliefs to your professional opportunities and it would be very hard for me to stay away from home in such a moment. I truly feel I should stay here to support my fiancé that will be living a lot of changes as well but… would that be an unique opportunity?

People are telling me to balance things and make a rational decision but… how do you balance a dream with a reality? How do you choose between such different things?

I’m trying to be positive and – happy news – I’m getting all the support I need from my fiancé. He told me it’s my decision and he’d support anything I choose. He advised me that I will never know if I made the correct call and maybe I’ll regret my decision but life is made of right and wrong decisions and the most important is how you deal with disappointments. Cute, right? Well, it is but it’s still hard to say the word, send the e-mail.

In the next few days I will make a decision that would change my life for…. ever?