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Today I was reading some business websites (don’t call me boring, girls…plz!) and I found out some nice rankings all those sites do all the time.

Some of the rankings are the most boring, less appealing I’ve ever seen, such as “biggest companies by net revenues” or “top @ NASDAQ” … what’s a company without “The X Factor” ? I was just watching the TV show and I found it very interesting – do companies have a X Factor-thing? So I found a ranking of the most admired companies and I decided to share with you girls. Don’t you worry, I won’t be listing Google or IBM in here. I filtered it by segments and this is the Apparel companies ranking for 2011:

1) Nike – okay they make great sports clothing for women and I love their appeal for innovation
2) Polo Ralph Lauren – another good one, classy and stylish
3) VF – mmmmmm
4) Coach – curiously
5) Phillips Van-Heusen – CK, Tommy, …

the other contenders were: Adidas, Warnaco, Cie Financière Richemont, Levi’s and Dior

sooo… would you pay more attention when applying to a job in one of these companies or you don’t care much about such classifications?

I’d really try to make a career in an admired company. If the company is admired by the society, it would be much-appreciated in my CV. 😉