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Girls (and boys – sorry), after almost a week thinking about what to do in my life, I’ve decided I can’t let an opportunity such as this one pass. I’m going to accept the job offer that will take me to a season job in… another country. I’m going to start in a few weeks and stay there for about three months.

I really really wanted to tell all of you where I’m going to, to share about the company but it’s one of my promises when I started the blog: 100% sharing with 0% personal information. You don’t need to know my name or the company I’ll be working for, but I’ll share everything I can about this job and – SPECIALLY – about how’s that to work in the fashion industry.

All I can tell is that I will post everything that happens in the internship and anyone who follows this blog will have SO MUCH FUN with me. I will be brave and a good student out there. I will share the pros and the cons of starting over with a SUPER POSITIVE attitude.

I hope all of this might be useful for someone somewhere.

Let the party start!