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Yes, that’s a direct question. How do you handle making a decision you will never know if it was the best one? How can you focus on the benefits of a decision instead of remembering the other side all the time?

Yesterday’s night I had a nightmare about my internship. I dreamed that I didn’t like the place at all and people there didn’t like me either. In the dream, I repeatedly asked myself why didn’t I stay in my former job and why did I invent to go abroad to a new career if I didn’t need to do it. Yes, nightmare session, girls… I woke up very sadly and I figured out that if I didn’t change my perspective I’d pass the next weeks only thinking about this and sometimes regretting my decision.

In such a situation, the best thing you should do is asking a good friend for advice, so I googled it: “dealing with decisions” – for my surprise, the internet is great for discovering the population of Uzbekistan or learning the fashion tendencies in Nepal but useless when it comes to serious stuff. I must admit, girls, I’m kinda worried about the quality of the internet data when it comes to something more than casual talk.

As my good friend Google wasn’t helpful at all, I decided to make my own “Positive Attitude About Decision Making Walk-Through” or “+PA” (so cute with the + symbol in the start of it 😉 ). Here’s what I’ll follow from now on:

1) Your personal PRO / CON list: this works like a charm: I wrote in a post-it paper, all the prone and cons of my decision of accepting the internship and pasted it in my wallet (a new one that I love so much 🙂 ). Every time I get confused of sad, I take the list out of my wallet and I read it to myself.

2) Don’t freak out: you don’t have to PRETEND you are okay with a decision all the time. Accept the fact that sometimes it will hurt and that every big decision comes with some stress. When you feel very lonely or sad, take a breath of a milkshake :). The important thing is not being happy all the time, but recognizing the bad moments with a positive attitude and not FREAKING OUT!

3) Sharing is heaven: have you ever heard of a girl who decided to change her career and started writing a blog? Yeah! Sharing is heaven, girls. I feel free and I feel good all the times I come here to write something about my career. In the first days, none was reading and I started to feel more confident. Yesterday, over 200 people read my messy posts about career and fashion for girls and I’m so much proud of it. Every person that comes here is like a huge encouragement for me. Don’t like to write? Say it. Tell your dreams to a good friend. You’ll feel “lighter” and hopefully will get wonderful advices.

I feel soooo much better and prepared for it now. +PA!