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Hey girls,

These are the days that I’ve been dreaming about. The excitement of making a HUGE change in my life is contagious and I must admit I’m only expecting good things (well, naive again I know) from the internship.

Time just doesn’t seem to work properly in situations like this one, so I’ve decided to make a list about WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU’RE LEAVING! Sooooo cute, isn’t it?

Get your notes 😉 :

1) The 50 special list: Say a PROPER goodbye: this one I learned from my fiancé: instead of writing a formal or an informal farewell email to your mailing list, why don’t you write a personal message to your favorite…. let’s say… 50 people at work? – yes, you all now know I work in a big company. Why not, girls? My fiancé left his job last month and he’ve done so. He got 38 replies and many of them were sooooo nice I almost cried and died of proud! 🙂 People will forget a standard message in… huh…. what I was talking about? 😉 or people will always remember you wrote them a personal message, so you’re  sooooo cooooool!

2) The list in the list: make a to-do list of the changing-stuff. You can’t imagine how hard it is to move from your town. It’s a very hard period for you, so keep your organization so you’ll remember to cancel your cellphones, pay the last bills or say goodbye to Mrs. Neighbor who helped you with your dog while you were traveling 🙂

3) Yes, DONATE: why don’t you have some great feelings and make people happy around you? Will you be taking ALL those clothes? I mean: ALL OF THEM? Including that dress you just used once and made you feel I little … chubby? Will you be taking all those old books and magazines? Donate love and you’ll feel WONDERFUL!

And, more important: ENJOY IT ! Moving is having a FRESH START, so don’t get too stressed and HAVE SOME FUN!