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I just found a great list (I love lists) of great entrepreneurs under thirty years old according to Inc.com.

The list features some cool guys as well such as the founders of Dropbox (Houston and Ferdowsi) and Matt Lauzon from Gemvara (great business as well) but the most surprising / inspiring thing I’ve noticed was that they’ve put twelve girls among the eighteen boys in the list.

It wouldn’t be fair if I just picked up her story, so I’ll just write about my favorite three girls and you can check the whole list by clicking here.

3) Adriann Wanner of evoJet. What does it have to do about fashion? Nothing Why is she cool? She run her own airline with 35% annual growth and she’s suggesting a new business model to a tired market. And… don’t you think it’s great to see a girl running her own air company with such a nice approach?

2) Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp of Birchbox. You can’t pick one of them. They are the smart girls, Harvard alumni and sooo lovely entrepreneurs behind one of the coolest companies in the world: Birchbox. For the very reasonable price of $10 a month, you receive a box of 4 to 5 samples from major cosmetic companies. You can then buy full-sized versions of the items you like from Birchbox. Ain’t that cool?

1) Rochelle Behrens of The Shirt. She was a lobbyist at DC but she was also frustrated about out in-famous Gape. In her words: “the see-straight-through-to-the-bra phenomenon that occurs between buttons on so many women’s shirts” so she had an idea to prevent the gape by adding hidden buttons to reinforce the structure and then she was in Oprah! (easy, isn’t it?) – so don’t spend your brilliant moments!

I think it’s great to have such nice examples so you can have more inspirations about pursuing your own dreams and don’t just stay waiting for some miracle.

Best and peace,