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Wow! What a really great title! 😉 As my post about the Teen Vogue Handbook was sooo helpful and people luved it 🙂 I decided I should write more about fashion literature and fashion business books I’ve read so far.

It’s not been a long time since I started reading fashion books. Just like 99% of the girls I know, I do my reading with the magazines! And just like 99% of us, I really believe it’s great to read fashion magazines as every girl knows they have much more than only fashion pictures as 99% of your boyfriends think.

The Fashion Design Course has been published last year (2010) and has received a lot of great reviews, specially for the correct approach for techniques and good examples. It is a fashion design course, for sure, so you’ll have detailed practical information. It has more than 400 illustrations (I didn’t count ’em – I read in the publisher’s site!) and it also features cool tips about fashion portfolio presentations and job interviews. Oh! And it was written by Steven Faerm.

Does anyone have another good book to share?