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Before accepting my internship job, which I’ll start in a couple of weeks, I thought about running my own business. I’m deeply passionated about fashion and I know some friends who successfully started and now run their own business BUT at the same time I was freaking out because I didn’t have much experience in working in the fashion industry (that was my main reason to start in a internship position).

I still think it’s pretty cool to run your own business but there are several issues to do so, specially for women. Once again in my internet research, I found a useful text from The Fast Company writen by Jean Brittngham and I’d like to share it with you girls.

Jean starts comparing the different opportunities girls have in any business of their interest and she says a wonderful thing which I TOTALLY AGREE: “women’s business are the most prepared to the next gen sustainable economy”. Then she discusses about the ten insights she believes that are the top ones for funding a girlie company :). I wouldn’t steal her credit, so I urge you girls to read it in their website by clicking here. I chose the Top 3 insights I liked most to share here with you (following text by her):

It’s Not Personal. Especially important for women entrepreneurs to remember. It’s a business proposition and even though it may be “your baby,” it’s not personal. What data is there for you to mine to assure success the next time?

Have A Clear Value Proposition. Know your business inside and out, and be prepared for your number to be cut in half. Make your ask strategic and don’t be overly modest about what you need and what you will do.

Be Persistent. You will speak to hundreds of people and many of them will turn you down–at first. Investors often say no when they mean “not right now,” and they tend to invest in women and companies who are consistent and persistent.

Lovely and insightful, isn’t it? Makes me dream about running my own business and forget about my internship and hopefully my future boss won’t ever read this 🙂

That’s it for the day, girls. Oh! I’d add just one more insight: BE POSITIVE (you all know I’m way too naive ;))