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Today I was searching for some real good content to share with you girls and I made a great discovery while looking for the Future of Fashion. The discovery is the Centre for Sustainable Fashion of the London College of Fashion.

They have a great project called Visioning Fashion in 2025 in a partnership with Levi Strauss and other investors. From the site’s headlines: “Fashion Futures presents four vivid scenarios of the world of 2025 and the role of the fashion industry, helping companies around the globe navigate the ever-changing challenge of developing sustainable business.”

The Four scenarios developed by the project were: Slow is Beautiful, Community Couture, Techno-Chic and Patchwork Planet.

The project is very consistent and you can also download a huge pdf file from the site with tons of informations and lovely insights!

All the important things were considered in the researches: “The scenarios take account of the key factors that are already affecting the industry and will bring profound change over the next 15 years. They are designed as a tool to challenge companies’ strategies, inspire them with new opportunities and help them plan for the future.”

I found it inspiring, complete but not complex and with that great positive attitude that every inspiring project have. I will definitively try to take a deep study and learn a lot with this beautiful project.