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Well, a small post here, dedicated to the hardest task in the history of humanity. Packing six months in two luggages and not forgetting all those cute clothes, shoes (OMG, the shoes!) you’d like to take with you for the “journey”. “Do I pack exclusively to work?” “-No!” “Do I pack only multi-use clothing?” “-Well…. mmmm…”

There’s been two days since I started packing and since my travel is REALLY getting closer, I really really don’t know what to do about it. In this hard task what could have helped me a lot was a tracking program to all my clothes. I don’t have the patience or the processual mind to photograph every single piece of clothing I have, so I’d love to have a tiny small tag in all my clothes that instantly in the minute they entered in my house the were identified and classified in a computer program soooo easy-to-use. 😉

There are some apps available for it, but there’s a long road to go until we get my dream program. The main options available for wardrobe management are Closet Couture and ClosetBank. Unfortunately I’d have to pay someone if I wanted to organize my closet now so I won’t be able to be helpful in this matter of subject.

Well, I’d really luv to share more details with you girls but for now I will stay with my promise. Plz don’t hate me!