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Wow, I love mondays, no, I’m just trying to be positive here and I’ll be. 🙂 I brought some niiiice information to share with you girls. 1984 was the name of a terrifying novel written by George Orwell. In 1984, the world was dominated by an extreme party and there was no happiness or joy at all. Well, I have some information to share with you girls (to the boys: be prepared): In 2024, in the United Stated for example, girls will make more money, in average, than the boys. This means that world’s biggest economy will be dominated by women.

How will a world with equal opportunities in genders look like? Do you think that women, when we become a dominant power or when we outcome men’s power, will definitively change the ideals of the world? I’d say yes but I wouldn’t put 100% on that. In general, women are less aggressive than men and have to prepare better their career as men don’t need to worry a lot about having children BUT money talks and maybe girls will forget all this when they surpass the current gender handicap.

I made up an…. okay, it’s another list, but it’s a cool one. Why will 2024 be different than 1984 or 2011 when men still dominate? Here’s my small wish list, the three things I believe women could influence the most in world’s economy:

1) Care about sustainability: since ever, the humanity didn’t find any solution to the environment’s issues such as pollution and climate change. Hopefully, an increase in women’s power will mean more sustainable actions and projects in our companies.

2) Work – Life balance: it’s not like the European model, neither it’s like the Chinese model but a different preparation for work / study / leisure hours. Women have to have more time to dedicate to home, in general, so I hope when they balance the power in economy, they’ll also attract a larger number of work actions to balance the working hours.

3) Respect: the minorities haven’t had much chance in the companies since ever. I really hope that women can bring a different perspective and be more active when dealing with respect issues anyhow. There are several active and passive disrespects in the economy nowadays and I truly believe women should have a more human vision to that.

Well, that’s it for the day, I wish you all a great week.