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Girls, boys, kids and everyone,

Help is really needed here now. As I was telling you before, I was about to quit my job and start a new career in the fashion business. This was supposed to be my last week here and I was saying goodbye to everyone and preparing a little party because I just luv this place.

Yesterday, my boss called me and ask me if I’d stay with a raise and a promotion…. yes, kinda like a “retention proposal” and he’d gave me a bigger team to work with and new projects for the year. He added that I could stay 2 working days a week at my fiancé’s city because we also have business there.

You know, I’m very confused right now. I called my fiancé with the “good news” and he surprisingly wasn’t all cheerful with the idea. After a few moments thinking of discussing with him that he probably have someone else there because he didn’t want me to accept staying at least two days a week with him, I understood his comments about following my dreams and that this proposal should have been done before by my company so they’d really show they have a plan for me here.

Well, since I started writing this blog, I have had about 5k visitors, many sweet comments and, moreover, I started preparing myself to a new phase and I’m now stuck on a hard decision and I’m very very confused right now 😦

I think I already wrote this before but this time is for sure: “Should I stay or should I go?”