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Today I wanna share one other great study I found while studying. Once again, the Centre for Sustainable Fashion of the London College of Fashion made a study regarding  different approaches in personal care. This study was defined to understand the effect of different perspectives of skin management for women that are older than 65 years.

Direct from the website: “The project gathered initial information on several aspects that constitute and affect notions of beauty; aesthetic appearance (via photography), scientific data (via instrumental analysis of skin and expert grading) and cultural/historical context (via personal beauty histories). Two different approaches to the management of skin ageing were assessed ‘non-medical’ (characterised by acceptance of the changes in skin that come with age) and ‘medical intervention’ (characterised by the use of an arsenal of medicinal and technological tools in order to fight the signs of skin ageing). The projects aim was to answer the question does different approaches to skin ageing produce measurably different effects?” and to explore these in relation to the individual’s own ‘beauty philosophy’ and their personal history.”

And finally, the surprising main results have been published and presented in the 7th International Symposium on Cultural Gerontology in a paper entitled Theorizing age: challenging the disciplines. Want to know the answer? The key for the success in skin management? Well, I wouldn’t take all their credit for this great study, so please take a quick look at the final result by clicking here.

I found it’s great, in an aging population for the vast majority of the world, that more and more people try to perform studies and analyses about the older people. In less than 20 years, a quarter of the female population will be older than 65 in Europe, so the companies shouldn’t miss this business opportunity and people should learn more about this period of life. For the ones who are now working with fashion, have you ever considered this age group in your products or services? Do you understand their needs?

Serious, huh?!