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Hey girls,

Sorry for not being here for a while, I promise it won’t happen again! 🙂 Well, the good news is that I’m finally here in my first day at work.

Well, what can I tell you? First, I was very happy that I had a car waiting for me in the airport when I arrived and in the minute the driver picked me up, my boss called me to welcome me by (so cute, huh?)

I went to my temporary place (I’ll stay a couple of days with a friend until I find a house for me) and then I rented a car (I’m not giving you any more tips). When I finally arrived in the work place, I must admit I got very very satisfied. The company has a small store and sells it’s products worldwide and it has LOTS of potential. I’ll have a co-worker with me in the marketing functions but she’ll only be here in a couple of weeks, so I’ll do my best to impress my boss in the beginning when it’s just me and her …. oooops, it was kinda mean, wasn’t it?

It’s all for now, I wish you all again a happy new year and all the best for me as well 🙂