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You all know this is my very first fashion job and that I’ve always dreamed about working with fashion. My first “girlie” decision I had in my first week working in a fashion company was about…. fashion. How should I get dressed to work in a fashion company? Should I dress to impress or should I dress accordingly to a marketing consultant in a small business with more serious clothing?

Well, based on my previous experiences, I’ve made up a(nother) small list of DO’s and DON’Ts in professional etiquette:



DO Look around: you won’t be wearing Chanel in a small startup internet (for example) or in an industrial company. You should look around and try to identify your company’s informal rules.

DO Keep your personality: don’t try to wear a clothe that doesn’t represent your personality. You’ll feel terrible and it will affect your integration with the workplace.

DO Dress your dreams: you want your bosses position in the future? Why not starting dressing like her? It’s not copying though, it’s more like understanding her style and showing you’re prepared to dress accordingly to a more senior position.

DON’T Use tight or loose clothes: Don’t try to fit in that lovely skirt you have if you feel you’re with a few extra pounds. People will notice that. Try to balance your clothes should feel comfortable on you.

DON’T Wear too many items: You know that combination you do with a lot of jewelry and that big earrings and accessories? Forget it. Less is more in the case. Think that you’ll be there for a long time (hopefully) and you don’t need to show all your weapon at once.

DON’T Go bankrupt: You don’t need to buy a new wardrobe every time you change your job or job position. It’s hard when – like me – you work in a fashion environment that you KNOW people will have a critic view of what you’re wearing BUT no panic: you’re not a fashion model that must be all perfect all the time.

“Want to know more about it?”

The best reference I’ve got on the subject came from the Jezebel.com (I promise), they have this great article about it: CLICK HERE

I read something about this Elle magazine Fashion at Work, but sincerely I haven’t read it yet but it “sounds” pretty cool actually. Does someone have a feedback on that?

Well, I should get ready to work now…. BUT….. with which shoes? 😉