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I just read a nice report from Mint.com (which I use and luv it as I’m a big spender) about how much do Americans spend on apparel by city.

They have divided the spenders in four categories: 

– High Fashion High Rollers
– Trendy Spendies
– The Dapper Discounters
– The Nifty Thrifities

Some numbers got my instant attention because they are soooo obvious or simply surprises:

– Americans spend 15% to 23% of their spendings in apparel (sounds okay, doesn’t it?)

New Yorkers are the country’s Top Spenders (of course! They have LV, Prada, Chanel as much as Wallgreen’s!)

– The national average was US$ 161 per month and the average transaction was US$ 84 (hopefully my fiancé won’t read this)

– The New Yorkers are also the most frequent buyers with 2.9 fashion transactions per month (so did I yesterday….. oooops!) 😉

I know there’s a massive difference between these numbers per country, specially considering the financial situation in each place, but I believe the percentage of spendings on clothing should be equal to this in most of places (not considering lower income regions – I know it).

If you want to know who are the Trendy Spendies, The Dapper Discounters or The Nifty Thrifities cities, please CLICK HERE

Hope you find this useful or interesting 🙂