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Hey girls,

Sorry for being so….. away from here! My first week was C-R-A-Z-Y!!! I’m working like 12 hours a day and after I leave the office, I also have dinner with my colleagues and… well, we just talk about fashion and that means work for us 😉

The very first thing I learn about this market is that it’s hard to succeed in any area related to fashion. Although people tend to judge fashion as an “art” (and fashion is PURE art), there’s a complex production system, a giant web that is mixed everywhere in the world… a swimsuit made in Brazil is distributed by an american company to a Dubai represent ant that also sells for Bali, for example.

The ambient is tense in the fashion business, schedules are always tight and there’s no correct formula to “go-to-market” your products: one huge success in one market may be your biggest failure just around the corner.

Another difference I noticed was that everything was correct about “The Devil Wears Prada” – you have the greatest and the meanest people on fashion and it’s wise to rapidly decide your side (I promise I’m on the Good side girlz! I’m following the Google mantra: Don’t Be Evil).

Next week we’ll start to decide the details about the new collections, the stores, the showroom and hopefully about getting into a real Fashion Week show. And I’ll share for sure.

Hope to hear from you as well…


PS: the lovely picture of the fashion news girl is a cut from a original picture posted on jwthibideaux blog (http://jwthibideaux.wordpress.com/). Thanks for the inspi.