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Hey everyone,

This week was crazy, just like the first one. The work here is wonderful… and tough. We have a 14-hour schedule that includes photo-shooting, store sales, marketing campaigns, contacting the suppliers… at the same time. 😉

The very first thing I learned is that working in a smaller company forces you to be more authentic and more dedicated. If one person gets sick in a 10,000 employee company, this will mean 1/10,000 of the company work for that day. In a 20 employee company, well, I know you got my point anyway 🙂

Working with fashion also requires more attention to the details. One customer experience can be ruined by a missing size of the shirt she luved or by an incorrect comment from your top sales consultant. One HUGE mistake I learned is to make that 5-second mental profile of a customer when she (only because our store is designed for the ladies, ok?) comes to the store.

I see that happening all the time! One customer comes to the store without much sparkling in her eyes, or maybe she’s with her daughter and you thing she’ll never stop to by new shoes or maybe you get a bad impression from her first boring comment. And then you pay even more attention to her because you learned that the customer experience is as important as a good sale and she turns to be your best customer of the week. I just LUV this store experiences. The magic, I mean the science of shopping, specially for the girls, is soooo sophisticated and should be more explored.

So, the first thing I’ve learned from helping in the store: What You See Is NOT What You Get! (please don’t make comments saying I’m misusing the expression because that’s exactly what I wanna do 😉 ). Stop characterizing your customers and treat everyone like a Queen. All in all, you’re not there to sell products, you’re selling a lifestyle, an experience 🙂 (sounds like Chanel, right? – that can’t be wrong)

Best 4 U,